Snake Charmer Who Turns Nays into Yays

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Don't ruin your #OOTD with a generic, boring mask. Empower yourself to take on the new normal without losing the confidence your bright smile gave you. With a mask so bold, everyone will be able to see how fabulous you are - without having to get within 6 feet of you! Keep safe without sacrificing your style. 

The Snake Charmer Who Turns Nays into Yays is an intricately embellished, glam mask that will add a whole lot of head-turning factor to your look! The inner layer of tightly woven silk gives it a soft, luxurious feel that provides maximum comfort and security.

Features: Each piece boasts of a nose wire and ear straps that are easily adjustable to achieve a made-for-you fit. Each mask has a unique orientation of the detailing.

Safety Measures: In adherence to The Masq Collection standard, the ÀMEN masks have passed the 4 Crucial Mask Safety Test (which consists of the Particle Suction Test, Breath Test, Light Transmission Test, and the Water Repellant Test) and have quad layer protection.

Includes: Every purchase comes with 10 PPE-grade, PureMasq® filters & a silk ÁMEN dust bag.

Our Brand Story:
We know you are a dreamer. You have a dream job - cancer-curing medical researcher? A lawyer who rights all the wrongs? World renowned artist who evokes emotion with the stroke of a brush? You may have a dream body - a strong yet feminine physique. Or maybe you have a dream to change the world and set up a charity to do good for those in need - whatever your dream, we believe in you!

But something’s stopping you. Maybe it's your own insecurities looming over you, or the pressure of your family or society to be perfect - the perfect student, the perfect daughter, the perfect everything! We understand. We’ve been there too. 

At ÀMEN, our goal is to build you up, to enlighten you with God's TRUTH about yourself. He sees you as more than enough - as beautiful, as impactful, brilliant, forgiven, and loved. 

It is our hope that this truth will set you free from the lies and limits that stop you from being fulfilled in all aspects of your life.


Think of ÀMEN as your Wonder Woman armor, as your superhero suit. Shining bright in your couture pieces, we know you will be able to make lemonade out of any lemons life throws your way. And with this ability, you can finally start living your life in full — so you can overflow into the world.

Advocacy: For every piece sold, a part of our profit will go to people who are voiceless and organizations that advocate for the voiceless. The ÀMEN mask is a paradox. While its primal function is to cover our mouths, it is a matrix for progressive conversation.. by means of the very thing it intends to conceal. Let’s speak up for the voiceless, the hopeless, and depressed.


Why the name?

This mask is dedicated to women who wants to make a difference, to women of power Which is why, as a brand, our prayer for you is to see yourself through God's eyes -- to see that you are beautiful, victorious, and loved. It is when you fill yourself with God's love will you be able to overflow love to the world. 

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