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We noticed how some women of curvier stature get shy and apologetic when asked about what size they’d like to purchase or try. Although they don’t say it explicitly, it’s evident in their body language and tone of voice, which is why we will be eradicating the concept of sizes in forms of XS’s or XL’s and numbers. 


Instead of XS (extra small), We will be using LIGHT. Beyond matters of density, it is to symbolize being light, a source of positive contrast in a sometimes negative stricken environment — lightness of being. 


In place of S (small), DELICATE takes place. Delicate as in worthy to be cared for, deserving of love and nurture. 


For M (medium), STRONG. Strength is never limited to physical prowess. We believe women were gifted incredible strength to withstand inevitable storms, environmental pressure, everything between, around, and within. And more than that, strength in determination, in love, and in all life’s intangibles are also undeniably embodied by women, by YOU. 


BODACIOUS is for the bold, for the gritty, for the dauntless who will do whatever it takes to reach their dreams, for the larger in life. 


ELECTRIFYING instead of XL (Extra Large) — according to the dictionary, means to be charged with power, which in turn passes power to those plugged into them. You are electrifying and your very being creates an impactful chain reaction to all those you encounter. 

Light XS USA 02 UK 06 32" 24" - 25" 33" - 34"
Delicate S USA 06 UK 10 32" - 33" 26" - 27" 35" - 37"
Strong M USA 10 UK 14 34" - 35" 28" - 29" 38" - 40"
Bodacious L USA 14 UK 18 36" - 37" 30" - 31" 42" - 44"
Electrifying XL USA 18 UK 22 38" - 39" 32" - 33" 45" - 48"


Unboxing an ÀMEN Couture Mask

Our packages come in fresh flowers! We have flower pockets in each baggie!

The Savoir Faire of an ÀMEN Couture Mask

It takes about 173 hours to make one piece!

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